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New Patients

Man extending hand for handshakeYou’ll like the atmosphere in our office! We like to keep it light-hearted and fun, warmly greeting our patients and chatting with them. People love our welcoming staff and know they’ll be listened to and cared for when they come in.

Your First Visit

Please plan on being here for 30-45 minutes for your initial appointment. If possible, wear loose clothing, though you can change into a gown and shorts supplied by us if needed.

You’ll meet Dr. Sukh and discuss how you heard about our office and what’s brought you in, as well as detailing your health history. We’ll complete an assessment to pinpoint the cause of your problem and detail our findings to you. After going through informed consent, you’ll receive your first treatment.

Subsequent Visits

At each follow-up, Dr. Sukh will ask you how you’ve been and if there are any changes since your previous visit. He’ll check your mobility and motion, then do a treatment. You’ll receive an exercise or stretch you can do at home.

Preventing Future Problems

Some people incorrectly believe that you have to go to a chiropractor for your entire life if you start care. There are those who choose to have periodic visits about every month because they feel it benefits them. It’s not a requirement, however, and you can decide how long you’d like to see us for.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to arrange your first appointment? Contact us today! We provide Saturday hours and accept insurance.

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