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About Us

Sukh Mann BSc, RMT, DC Waiting RoomDr. Sukhdip Mann, or Dr. Sukh as his patients know him, has been in practice since 2007. Thanks to his background in massage therapy, he provides treatments incorporating soft tissue work with chiropractic techniques to give you the best of both worlds. It’s his mission to help people feel better and live better, enabling them to enjoy the active lifestyle they desire thanks to natural health care.

Feel Empowered to Take Control

Chiropractic care is a form of health care that is based on the assessment of any neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Once any problem areas are located, your joints will be realigned with an adjustment, and your spine stabilized with specific exercises.

We believe that you should be involved in your care so that you can make informed choices. We’ll talk to you about what caused your issue and what you can do to prevent it from returning. If you sit in front of a computer, Dr. Sukh will advise you on how to position your body so that you don’t experience common problems. You’ll participate in your healing with home care stretches and exercises to speed your progress.

Helping You Enjoy Life More

Dr. Sukh has helped many people over his years in practice. One case involved a patient with vertigo. Dr. Sukh located a problem in the patient’s neck. After a couple of treatments, the dizziness disappeared. Other times, athletes seek his help when they have a competition just days away and are bothered by an ache or pain. They’re still able to compete thanks to his assistance.

One of the most common issues that our patients used to have is headaches, sometimes suffering from them on a daily basis. With a succession of treatments, you may find that they decrease or are eliminated.

Talks for Local Businesses and Groups

Dr. Sukh is available to visit area offices to help with ergonomics and give advice on subjects like proper workstation setup and posture. Running groups also find his advice beneficial, and he speaks to them at local establishments such as community centers. Are you interested in scheduling a talk? Contact us today!

About Sukh Mann BSc, RMT, DC | (604) 581-0232